Ah, the Caymans. Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman all make up the Cayman Islands. Most people, however, think of Grand Cayman when they think of the Caymans. Clear, blue seas that surround this picturesque island of beauty, home to Stingray City and arguably the best Scuba diving in the entire world. It is also home to Seven Mile Beach where the majority of tourists congregate.

However, the Caymans are much more than just tourism and there are wildlife refuges and incredible snorkeling and swimming locations throughout the islands. While Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are thirty miles away and can only be reached by boat, the best bet is to stick with Grand Cayman. The east side of the island is sparsely populated with just a few timeshare developments. Georgetown is a great destination for shopping and seeing the giant cruise ships come into port.

Where can I stay?

Grand Cayman has more hotels and resorts to stay in than you can shake a stick at, and whether your preference is a five-star hotel or a more cost-efficient motel, you’ll find it. When you take part in one of our private retreats, you get your choice of accommodations, unlike many retreats that require you to stay in a particular resort or hotel.

What many people don’t realize, however, is that there are also a number of houses and apartments available for rent inland or off the beaten path. There are tons of deals that you can find, as well. April through October is considered ‘off season’ in Grand Cayman, and that means there are often specials and flight deals that can make this private retreat more affordable.

What is the weather like?

Weather in the Caymans is absolutely incredible. Warm year round, the temperature can reach and stay well into the upper nineties during the hottest summer months. The Caymans are close to the equator and that generally means warmth all year round. While some people may find the heat in July and August oppressive, the ocean is a bed of comfort tempting you in on a regular basis.

The winter is cooler, but the average temperature will consistently remain in the lower eighties with water temperatures dropping somewhat from their summer highs. The summer and fall is always subject to the threat of hurricanes and while rare, they can wreak havoc on the tiny island even when their center is hundreds of miles away.

How long is the retreat?

Dr. Fleming’s retreats require you to stay onsite for a minimum of two to three days. These days are intensive and the longer you stay, the more you will accomplish, the better you will feel, and the happier life will be for your bright future.

What should I expect?

These retreats work on personal development and emotional training to help you overcome your fears, anxieties, stresses, and other aspects of your life that are holding you back and keeping you from feeling complete and whole. During your time with Dr. Fleming, you will experience:

  • A personal development assessment process
  • Feedback on your progress
  • A 360-evaluation
  • Emotional regulation training using innovative neurocardiology software
  • One-on-one goal setting and coaching

This retreat helps set the stage for the coaching process, which can be carried out over the phone or by video. In this modern age where time is of the essence, being able to get the best help at your convenience is the best medicine.

Learn more about these incredible private retreats by contacting Dr. Fleming today.