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Meet Dr. Kevin Fleming of Grey Matters International – look inside the heart & mind of a man who travels the world on-demand as he and his company redefine the process of “core change” as it applies to living, working, loving, success and everything in between…



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Grey Matters International, Inc. provides unique coaching, development, and behavior change consultations that are neuroscience, best-practiced based and carry unique value in a market diluted by feel-good hacks and cheap motivational speakers.

Some of these key distinctions that you will get in partnering with us are:

  • Personalized attention and brain-based customized performance plans that don’t just “describe the water while you drown and call it success” but truly change things for the good
  • Access to Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D., a down-to-earth, accessible change agent and advisor to many top clientele
  • Solutions that are informed by neuroscience so as to get the core rewiring and relearning that quietly impedes your efforts to change self
  • Confidence that hundreds of people have changed for the better. Please check testimonials

We look forward to helping you gain the insights to transformation that have yet to be tapped by you and your prior efforts to tackle your personal, spiritual, or executive development issue.

We don’t just talk about changing your life. We do it.

Featured News

Dr. Fleming joins the ranks of notedworthy guests such as John Bradshaw, Wayne Dyer, and Don Miguel Ruiz on one of the most widely watched internet radio talk show—Bradley Quick and Cool Change Radio. Check out the following interviews where he discusses pertinent topics to how best to change one’s life

Dr. Fleming on the Truth About the Brain in Helping You Get What You Want
Dr. Fleming on How to Thrive With Brain Overload in Corporate America
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Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. Featured In Upcoming Release of Two-Time NY Times Bestselling author, Adrian GostickHow do we get the brains of people to master and create at work, where we put in more hours than anywhere else? Adrian seeks the answers out with a featured chapter highlighting the insights of Kevin Fleming in a provocative overview of how his own work has helped many people change in the face of resistance, or when they have grown complacent in seeking something they know would make them thrive.

“Dr. Kevin Fleming is a progressive voice in pursuit of the truth, and the psychology of success — a refreshing insight into reality”.

Adrian Gostick, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Carrot Principle and The Orange Revolution.

No word yet on the release date, but be sure to check back in, as this will most likely be another bestseller for the talented author, now expanding his insights to include the up-and-coming neuroscience work of top change agent Kevin Fleming.

For more about the innovative work of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D., Click here to download some FREE audio clips of his thought leadership. A FREE consultation is also available by contacting him at [email protected] or at 1-877-606-6161

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