Training and Development Services Make a Difference…

From the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study, the largest of its kind, where 1,500 CEOs commented on the business landscape and the challenges that lie ahead, some key findings were striking:

  • 32% increase in expected complexity over the next 5 years
  • Fewer than half admitted they were prepared to handle this “complexity gap jump”
  • 60% noted a burst of quantum-changing creativity was needed

When faced with such complex economic challenges as we have today, businesses need to take a look behind traditional creative leadership interventions and approaches to uncover the missing secrets to improving strategy, processes, and performance. (Click here for Dr. Fleming’s Huffington Post article on the Illusions of Pseudo-creativity). When it comes to business consulting, training or coaching services, innovating processes and people seem to require more than just consultant-level information and rote training processes. Perhaps the wisdom of Einstein’s quote is quite timely:

“No problem will ever be solved on the same level of thinking it was originally created on”

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    But how do we create these types of business solutions?

    If your business is like other companies, you have invested in various consulting/training/coaching services and business process improvement specialists, and have found some of the following outcomes as a return on your investment:

    • Short-term burst of clarity and engagement followed by an insidious, gradual return to business as usual
    • Compliance more than commitment
    • A Realization that you solved the wrong problem well
    • That there was more ambivalence or avoidance to actually change than was initially thought/reported
    • That true team alignment wasn’t as binary and “either/or” as your processes assumed
    • Things are more complex and nuanced than what the original consultant program/approach could address
    • Human behavior change is the key to leveraging the “rightness” of any expert information


    The Grey Matters Way of Training and Development Services for Business & Management

    So what exactly is incomplete about most traditional consultant interventions? Why do we see the mentioned outcomes so often in Corporate America? In a nutshell, the answer is this:

    Consultants impart information
    Human brains distort that information

    Most consultant interventions rely on rational processes that do not align to the natural and predictably irrational processes of the human brain; and most corporate clients operate without knowing that they process information in this default-oriented way -for the brain rationalizes that it is indeed logical, thoughtful, and human process centered. Therefore, the verbal means of assessing where clients are will be inherently flawed without a deeper dive into the meta-level underneath these processes which many consultants take for granted or flat out ignore with the many assessment instruments that use stats, pie charts, and over-generalized narratives to feign knowledge.

    Do they account for the “bubble above the head” effect that actually correlates more to behavior change than what is stated? We think not. This neuro-level of confusion in client-consultant engagements results in half-truths that are perhaps executed flawlessly, but without the reality that would make sustainable change happen.

    Grey Matters International, Inc. Training and Development Services cover a wide range of:

    • business process improvements
    • strategy and innovation insights
    • performance solutions for teams
    • culture change interventions

    These approaches utilize the world of “practical neuroscience” to include the forgotten level of thinking behind our rational intentions and processes to better create solutions that are effective in the long run. Our patented model can be seen in this visual:

    “The keynote by Dr. Kevin J. Fleming was rich in its contribution to the overall success of the conference and significantly added to our knowledge. Not isolated from the psychological aspect, organizational transformation encounters compelling needs and implications regarding the perception and conviction of people towards change. This fact was emphasized through the presentation, taking into consideration that the core of transformation is the human element, and people, in order to change ,need to have a good and positive perception of things. The presentation was beneficial in tackling how people have different perceptions about the same thing or phenomenon, which means that the there is variance between the real image and the “in-mind” image which is formed based upon our own way of thinking that determines how we see things. This is very important because, as the presentation stated, there is no organizational transformation without personal transformation. Part of our role in public sector development is personal transformation; this linkage was highlighted and was highly value-adding to our team in emphasizing that organizational transformation needs shift in our way and level of thinking.We would like as Ministry of Public Sector Development to extend our thanks and appreciation to Dr. Fleming’s courtesy for his participation and his valuable contribution to the conference, in addition to the distinctive and interesting management of the presentation.”

    Cabinet Member
    for the King of Jordan

    “After employing Dr. Fleming’s consulting services, we grew as a company 46% the following year and while I do not believe Kevin was totally responsible, he was essential for paving the way for my team to work together in an unprecedented manner”

    Laura Herring,
    CEO, The Impact Group

    “…Dr.Kevin Fleming is an extraordinary coach with the striking combination of a brilliant mind and an exceedingly warm heart. He is able to artfully apply his understanding of neuropsychology and the philosophy of science to help people with a wide array of challenges in a refreshingly practical manner. If you are looking for someone who is able to inspire lasting change and transformation, Dr. Fleming is your man. Within minutes of meeting him, it will be obvious that his Renaissance spirit has somehow managed to marry the bottom line with an elevated understanding of the greatest challenges that individuals and businesses face. Working with Dr. Fleming is an experience you will likely remember for the rest of your life….”

    Srini Pillay, M.D.
    CEO, NeuroBusiness Group
    Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

    “After attending Kevin’s session on Coaching, my team has realized coaching is so much more than telling people what we expect in order to achieve our goals. It is really understanding where THEY are and what can we do to understand their commitment and enthusiasm to our mission and goals. So much of coaching is about our own perception and we have to change our own perception is we really want to win. This was a really exciting workshop and reinforced the importance of feed forward and alignment.”

    Diane French,
    Regional Director, Davita, Inc.