What those who have joined the couples & marriage retreats are saying:

“Our time with Dr. Fleming in Jackson Hole was not only full of vigor and beauty all around us, but full of wisdom…..his coaching saved our marriage. Plain and simple. His style is humorous yet warm and deliberate in strategy. No one is more passionate to make change happen then this guy!”

– Jim and Monica Bucci
Oklahoma City, OK

“Kevin is like a ginsu knife and he is able to get to the heart of the issues very quickly…with almost psychic abilities…Kevin is able to quickly get to the source of conflicts and outline a sensible and practical plan for couples to use to try and make progress to resolve their problems. He is very direct and results focused. He is a pleasure to work with.”

– John and Marty
Chicago, IL

“I have been asked to offer my opinion about working with Dr. Kevin Fleming on matters regarding my marriage and personal life and I would be very happy to do so because I found his work to be extraordinary. In my experience there are three different avenues to pursue when facing a dilemma…read more

– Greg M.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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    We have had a hundred years of psychotherapy and the world is getting worse*

    So why do we go to counseling and psychotherapy sessions if the world and our RELATIONSHIPS seem to be getting worse? In 1995, the top consumer advocacy publication Consumer Reports put out a report on the effectiveness of psychotherapy and the lowest scores went to marriage counselors compared to other treatment providers.  If you have ever gone to a marriage counseling session and felt you were describing the water to them while you were drowning and they were calling it success, well, read on. We have a solution for you.

    You see, it is not surprising that traditional means of helping a relationship in a therapy session are quite challenging. Here are some reasons why relationship counseling misses the boat:

    • The brain is wired to be right, not be happy or effective
    • We have contradictory “selves” that say one thing and do another, and this is fundamentally “normal”Neuroscience has called this phenomenon “modularity of mind.” So no need feeling like you are crazy. You are not.
    • We rarely need to go to the past to solve our problems. We need solutions in the present to drive a new future for us
    • We typically speak rationally and say things we know we should believe is true when we are in those counseling sessions. Most therapists validate that, leaving you think you are changing, and then when you are back home things go back to the way things always were
    • 9 to 1 odds against you that you will actually change your behavior in situations where it is life and death (Deutschmann, 2005). If this is true, a more skillful approach in non-life and death situations is needed; one that takes the brain and its irrationality into consideration to truly get what you want

    The Solution

    Since the reality is that the world of behavior change is trickier than counseling sessions tend to make it seem, a radical new approach is needed.

    Join Kevin J. Fleming, PhD, President/Owner/Founder of Grey Matters International, Inc. for a couples and marriage retreat experience that is one of kind. What is offered is cutting edge assessment technology, master facilitation, humor, and insight that will surprise you and your defenses.
    You pick your location that you want to get away to, and he will bring the tools. Customizing your experience is the priority number #1.
    Contacting him at [email protected]

    Dr. Fleming’s Couples & Marriage Retreat Offers:

    • Top notch decision making profiles and alignment assessments that will guide the time together
    • Laid back, comfortable, casual dialogues with laser sharp insight provide relaxation with intentionality
    • A program of behavior change for couples that goes beyond the “words we use”. Principles of transformation that trumps our brain’s desire to say the right things and do another

    Click here to email Dr. Fleming confidentially and directly and you will receive a response immediately. Or call 1-877-606-6161 to set up a FREE consultation. Do your relationship a favor. Seek change in a place where you would actually listen and be open to change. Get out of an office, and into a place where healing is much more probable. CONTACT US NOW!

    What is the Grey Matters difference?

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    *Title is attributed to a book of the same name by James Hillman and Michael Ventura (1993)