Advanced Coaching & Major Life Issue Resolution Services Founded on Clinical “Brain-Change” Technology Coupled with Experiential Directional Support

Welcome to Grey Matters International – a personal, professional, emotional & group coaching solution which shatters the boundaries of what has become traditional in-the-box therapy & counseling services.  It is an advanced existence-altering approach intended for the few whom are in the grips of such matters manifesting in the forms of:

  • Life Burnout
  • Overflow from Life Stress
  • Corporate Misdirection
  • Couples & Marriage Breakdown
  • Personal, Relationship & Group Misdirection
  • Damaging or Destructive Behaviors
  • Inability to envision solutions & success
  • Lack of Centeredness & Meaning in Life
  • And more…

There are two kinds of thinking taking place within the brain:

System 1 – The unconscious brain that is choosing the patterns milliseconds before you are consciously aware that you just did decide to use, act out, etc

System 2 – Rational, cognitive brain that logically “knows” if one continues with the problem behavior, negative consequences will likely follow.

Most traditional psychological and spiritual approaches are founded on half-truths that are merely relaxation-based, emotion-based, or information-based. These approaches are too rational and why research has discovered tons of cognitive biases related to illusory thinking around these types of self-change efforts.  The intended goal of true inner change cannot occur when the approach is based on nothing more than thought and perception.

Grey Matters International, Inc. offers a cutting edge quantum-mechanics based technology that creates new neural networks and eradicates trauma-based, reactive-based networks which are responsible for the irrational behaviors and decisions you are experiencing. This process is called neuroplasticity and has shown to yield phenomenal results among thousands of clients worldwide! (see testimonials below).

The advanced approaches merged within the Grey Matters International philosophy are offered in specified varied environments combined with issue-focused programs in the form of:

  • Private In-Home Settings
  • Private Island Retreats
  • Couples Retreats
  • Corporate & Executive Coaching and Retreats
  • Life Coaching & Travel Accompaniment
  • And much more…

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