Does Every Personal Retreat Have the Power To Really Change Your Brain?

Of course not.

In fact, most traditional psychological and spiritual approaches to change and personal development are built on half-truths that are either merely relaxation-based, emotion-based, or information-based. These approaches are too rational and why research has discovered tons of cognitive biases related to illusory thinking around these types of self-change efforts.
Over 80 percent of retreat participants return to old behaviors that prompted the need to retreat in the first place.

Why is this?

  • The brain is wired to be right, not be happy or effective
  • It confuses regularly pleasure and happiness
  • We have contradictory “selves” that say one thing and do another, and this is fundamentally “normal” Neuroscience has called this phenomenon “modularity of mind.” So no need feeling like you are crazy. You are not.
  • We rarely need to go to the past to solve our problems. We need solutions in the present to drive a new future for us
  • We typically speak rationally and say things we know we should believe is true when we are in those personal growth, counseling sessions. Most therapists validate that, leaving you think you are changing, and then when you are back home things go back to the way things always were
  • 9 to 1 odds against you that you will actually change your behavior in situations where it is life and death (Deutschmann, 2005). If this is true, a more skillful approach in non-life and death situations is needed; one that takes the brain and its irrationality into consideration to truly get what you want

If all this is true, what is the best use of your time on your personal retreat?

Our recommendation would be to listen first to your brain before “talking at it” or devising non-brain-friendly ways of healing. Learn about a powerful new brain technology that is changing the way we influence and conquer decision making around the need for personal transformation and healing.

You see, the brain is wired to be right, not to be transformed necessarily. It is a pattern-making organ that can make you think you are changing and that you are improving, even when silently the same behaviors continue. This is the maddening cycle of addiction and why many say, “I know I shouldn’t do ___________, but I just couldn’t help it.”

How do you break these compulsive/impulsive behaviors?

Well, not just by talking about it or setting up a weekend away to “de-stress.” You need to rewire the hardwired patterns around the neural networks in place that have “protected” the limbic system’s powerful hold on solving poorly your emotional “issues” or half-hearted desires to sustainably change or grow

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    So, Here’s How This Works…

    There are two kinds of thinking in the brain:

    System 1 – the unconscious brain that is choosing the patterns milliseconds before you are consciously aware that you just did decide to use, act out, etc

    System 2 – rational, cognitive brain that logically “knows” if one continues with the problem behavior, negative consequences will likely follow.

    Why pick healing processes which work only System 2—arguably a system of rationalizations—- when System 1 type thinking holds the true power to whether you stay headlong into your non-growth oriented ways or whether your brain truly releases you from the irrationalities of your wishes?

    The Solution

    Grey Matters International, Inc. offers a cutting edge quantum-mechanics based technology that creates new neural networks and eradicates trauma-based, reactive-based networks which are responsible for the irrational behaviors and decisions you are experiencing. This process is called neuroplasticity and as you see below it has helped many professionals seeking a way out of their prison:

    “I am enjoying the following changes in my state of mind as a result of Dr. Fleming’s methodologies:
    * Centeredness
    * Focus
    * Calm
    * Reflectiveness
    I find myself considering the multiple facets of a problem and the consequences of different responses rather than simply reacting.

    While the desire to drink alcohol continues to arise from time to time, the intensity is muted. Likewise, the accompanying sense of frustration and anxiety which formerly haunted me has virtually dissipated. It is liberating to not scrape through each day with the brain-grit accompanying a low grade hangover. My productivity at work is steadily increasing as a I define and attack tasks from a more balanced perspective; I am knocking off tasks which I avoided in the past.

    I view my life and each day with anticipation and purpose.”

    – Steven Jones,
    Software Quality Engineer

    “I wanted to thank you again for helping me overcome my restless leg problem. I have tried everything imaginable and nothing worked until I tried Grey Matters. It has been about 6 months and I still do not have any problems with my feet or legs. I’m glad I researched the different Neuroscience options since they are not all created equal. I would highly recommend Grey Matters. Thanks again for letting me sleep at night. I feel great.”

    – Norm Farrar, Owner, Hawaii Island Recovery,
    CEO, Flatworld Network

    “Dr. Fleming’s brain-based coaching techniques and strategy literally turned my life and career around. The brain technology he uses set the stage for shifting around an emotionally reactive consciousness I was completely unaware of prior to engaging him. Sure, I read all the Harvard
    Business Review articles on great leadership behaviors and work/life balance ideas, but until your brain “gets the memo” these ideas don’t take root. I was on the path to a huge burnout, with financial and emotional consequences looming big time when I called in Dr. Fleming in to spend some time with me in NYC. His insight and kindness was a great combination on top of this powerful brain technology and since then I have experienced amazing growth and tangible outcomes. Increased financial gain, improved sleep, decreased anxiety, and “smarter not harder” productivity decisions. One of the best strategists on changing behavior out there on the market—bar none.”

    – Michelle Rowell,
    Senior Vice President

    “Dr. Fleming’s coaching and brain technology did wonders for me upon my return from my tour of duty in Iraq during the Middle East war. Before I received my treatment from him, I was always quick with my temper. When I was in public I always kept my head on a swivel, with my head working overtime—as in, overworked, overstressed, over thinking nonstop. Since working with him, my head is clear, I can sleep through the night, and finally I have not had any more nighmares, affiliated with trauma re-experiencing. This is a HUGE relief! You see, before meeting him, my head was constantly in a fog and as a result I was making some very poor decisions that forever changed my life. I would beat myself up….. and now, I am thinking clearly, i am happier, and I feel secure. Things are looking better for me, through my eyes, for my life”

    – Army Specialist Matthew M. Moore,
    63DH8, Houston, TX

    “Had a problem with OCD. Kevin was instrumental in helping me where others weren’t. He has brought the science of the mind into new frontiers.”

    – K.L., Chef

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    Your Personalized Brain-Based Retreat

    We know your time is valuable and that life must still move on while addressing these critical issues in your life. That is why we bring this life changing technology to you and will work with you one-on-one with this process over roughly 5-7 days, depending on retreat goals and client situations.
    Why not customize your personal retreat experience firstly around this technology—-we harmonize and balance your brain, you pick your place,setting, other supporting resources that now will be allowed to flourish more easily after this neuroscience transformation.

    Don’t put the cart before the horse. Listen to your brain before you listen to your own wishes about what you think you “should” be doing on a retreat. It will be the best decision of your life.

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