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Did you know that corporate and executive coaching is roughly a $100 billion dollar a year industry that gives about a 10 percent return on investment?

Are you an executive searching for something innovative to enhance your development, hone your decision making skills, give more joy to your work, and overall grow your sense of mastery in your industry?

Welcome to the high performance-oriented executive development and training solutions of Kevin J, Fleming, PhD. Dr. Fleming has worked with high performers, their teams, and ventures on 5 different continents as an executive coach, facilitator, assessor, and culture transformation change agent that has made a huge impact:

  • 46% increase in revenue for a St. Louis based company after a 12 month leadership intervention
  • Contributed to the intellectual property and created the executive coaching interventions that gave select self-insured corporations a 2 to 1 Return on Investment in health care savings by changing employee behaviors
  • Helped one executive double his salary after a 6 month executive coaching intervention
  • Guided a Board to (improved alignment by 75% resulting in decreased conflict and a profound change in execution)

What makes his approach unique? As an executive coach he is able to bust through trite motivational attempts at creating change utilizing “practical neuroscience strategy for business people”. By doing this, his clients have a competitive edge on improving their self-care, decision making skills, leadership potentials, and execution for they are taught how to best connect with their own internal dialogue and those of others they work with. This prevents breakdown and feigned alignment and allows for true commitment (vs. compliance).

For more on the unique Grey Matters Solutions, click here for a more indepth view of the neuroleadership work of Dr. Fleming

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