Does this sound like you?….

  • You have been around and around the mountain regarding a potential addiction and just haven’t seem to find the solution that fits you
  • You are not sure if you have an addiction, but something is not quite right, getting out of control, or about to have some “rug pull out from under you”
  • Your work or life choices seem like an addiction that you cant get a handle on
  • You have been in treatment before and are still relapsing
  • Someone is telling you you may have an addiction and you want to find out if that is really true

If so, Kevin Fleming Ph.D can help you with a one-of-a-kind solution that tackles behavioral disorders, addictions, burnout, and other impulsive situations. He has been a trusted advisor and go-to-guru for many of the top addiction centers worldwide and is known for being a creative resource on how to coach people before and after a treatment intervention. Leveraging a proprietary process that combines approaches from many disciplines, including neuroscience and behavior change science, he will assist you in effectively making the changes desired and most importantly giving you hope that there can be a life on the other side of your pain.

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