Holistic Coaching

Imagine if you could hire a personal development guru that….

  • Didn’t just reduce you to pathology talk and “whats wrong with you”
  • Could enlighten you on spiritual wisdom to inform your tough life choices
  • Knew that high performance is not everything; that HOW you do it is equally important
  • Mind, body, spirit need to be honored in all your decisions

Welcome the Holistic Coaching of Kevin J. Fleming, Ph.D. As a three time University of Notre Dame graduate, Dr. Fleming was trained in deep theology as well as clinically and has helped many people worldwide find spiritual truths that—when untangled from the brain’s illusions—radically change:

  • their approach to their work
  • their presence and engagement in their relationship or marriage
  • their health choices
  • their approach to self-mastery and development

With his training in neuroscience (body), coaching (mind), and his experience applying his spiritual development training to various orientations and religions (spirit), Dr. Fleming is a “3 in 1” one stop shop of wisdom to truly change your life. For more about his success with his clients, click here for individual endorsements.

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