Personal Development

Does this sound like you..

  • You’ve been to therapy before and not much has changed for you significantly so afterwards
  • You have read every self-help book imaginable but something still seems like its missing for you
  • You want more than what most “helpers” and advice-givers seem to tell you
  • You have struggled with changing your own habits and behaviors around self-improvement, relationships, health, work
  • You have said “I know what I need to do, I just have to do it” many times before and you are still in the same place
  • If so, Kevin Fleming Ph.D. can help. As a former neuropsychologist-turned-coach, Dr. Fleming has uncovered many of the secret laws of the brain that when acknowledged can save time, money and heartache. Most counselors and coaches do not know the world of the brain and the ways it is wired to make you feel right, not effective. Dr. Fleming will assist you in learning more about what your brain is teaching you to do to make you “feel” successful or moving on your goals all the way selling you that your plateau is O.K. Take the leap into true transformational work with one of the world’s leading experts on behavior change.

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