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Finding the Right Business Consulting Services

By 8 March 2016September 16th, 2021No Comments

When you need business consulting services for your company or organization, then you know that there are facets that are holding you and your employees from achieving all of their potential. The future holds numerous challenges, most of which haven’t even been imagined yet, and with the advent modern technology – the Internet, PDAs, teleconferencing, and so much more- and its robust and rapidly changing environment, any business that fails to keep up with the changes, or is slow to manage them, risks losing revenue, quality employees, and so much more.

What business consulting services expect for the future for business

As of 2010, more than fifteen hundred CEOs from across the country and around the world took part in an IBM study and it was determined that many of these industry leaders expect a drastic increase in the complexity of business and communication over the next five years. These same leaders admit that they are ill-prepared for these changes and need some external creative thinking to help them adapt and incorporate the changes into their business model.

Sometimes the business model needs to be reworked, tweaked, or built from scratch all over again. There are so many business consulting services throughout the country, many with credentials that make them seem to be the answer to any CEO’s dreams, and coupled with the fact that business changes move slower than a sea turtle on dry land, those five years could be upon these business leaders in the blink of an eye before they realize that nothing really changed.

Aren’t all business consulting services essentially the same?

Sure, one could say that all business consulting services are essentially the same. But then again so are planets. What’s so different between Earth and Venus? They’re the same size, roughly speaking, they’re round, they rotate on their axis and tilt, and they both revolve around the sun in the same direction.

Business consulting services can be compared to planets in this respect. The consultants could all have the same degrees from similar universities, and they could have essentially the same working experience in the field, but as any true industry leader knows, there are far more factors that go into quality than just experience and education.

Foresight, innovation, and the ability to capture the strengths of a business’s employees, harness them, and make them work to the best benefit of the business are just some of the more hidden attributes of a quality business consultant.

Finding the right business consulting services for your business is essential for two main reasons. First, it puts your company on the fast track to a competitive and productive future. Some of the changes that will need to be made within any organization may be painful, or painfully slow, but if they are put off or negated, sooner or later the limitations caused by these issues will eat into the company’s bottom line.

Second, the right business consulting service is going to cost money. Depending on which service you go for, it could be a considerable sum. You want to do your homework and make sure that the consultant whom you hire has a track record of success with businesses that are comparable to your own.

Common pitfalls of business consulting services

While there are numerous quality business consulting services throughout the country, there are twice as many that appear great on the surface, but as time rolls on, their limitations, inexperience, or misguided advice slowly begins to show through. Some of the most common pitfalls that business consulting services face include the following:

In the beginning of their work, clarity and engagement of employees, clients, and management seems to burst into life. This energy inspires and resonates and everyone thinks that they are finally on the right track. Then, inevitably, over time leaders see a gradual slip back into normalcy and mediocrity.

Employees become compliant with the changes and potential new rules. They aren’t committed to them. When employees are not committed to implemented changes, philosophy or company mission statements and ideology, they will not be giving one hundred percent of their effort to the company itself.

A moment of clarity finds you in time that, while a problem was solved, it wasn’t the problem for which you hired the business consulting services in the first place.

And worse, you realize a year or two into the program that the entire system that you’ve built around your business is far more complex than you had initially intended, or realized.

What is the solution? How does a CEO find the right business consulting service for their industry?

The first step in finding the right business consulting services is to accept the shortcomings that many of them face and how, while they can and often do help businesses to some extent, many fall short of their goals, either due to inexperience, over-reaching, or not being engaged enough.

Consultants are generally rational thinkers and work through problems in a predictable and linear process. Many business problems, at least on the surface, appear to be created by a certain set of criteria. But no matter the size of the business, from a staff of less than fifty to one employing more than fifty thousand, human nature is complex, our relationships are complex, our interactions and personal thought processes are immensely complex.

To be effective as a business consultant, Dr. Kevin Fleming believes that a strong understanding of neuroscience – how we think, act, interact, and so much more- is as crucial to successful change than any other factor within business.

Dr. Fleming has built his reputation as a leading business consultant through years of study, practice, and incorporating neuroscience ideologies into his methodological approach to business. If you want you company to be prepared for the future, to have employees who are engaged and committed, then Dr. Fleming is the business consultant you want working for you.