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Enhance the Use of Your Brain

By 14 September 2014September 16th, 2021No Comments

Many people simply don’t understand the power of the mind and fail to enhance the use of your brain. There are many methods to enhance the use of your brain and many of these methods only take a few minutes a day. Sometimes more, depending on what you wish to get out of it. To enhance the use of your brain is an empowering notion and one that everyone should take seriously.

When you enhance the use of your brain, you improve your life

It’s no secret that when you enhance the use of your brain, you are able to accomplish tasks and challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. The young child who is subjected to ten hours in front of a television set, not receiving the right stimuli, will not have the same success in school as the child whose parents read with them, worked on math problems with them, or played memory exercise games with them.

To enhance the use of your brain is one of the most important things anyone can do to improve their life, their memory, and their long-term health.

Health? Yes. Studies have shown that when you enhance the use of your brain, and exercise it on a regular basis, you decrease the odds that you will be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease later in life. Yet when you enhance the use of your brain, you also accomplish something else.

The brain is a powerful tool

There is no more powerful machine in the world than the human brain. What mankind has achieved throughout history, exploration, and dreams is remarkable, to say the least. Yet the brain’s most impressive feature is the ability to adapt and grow.

When you enhance the use of your brain, you call on neurons and regions of the brain that may not get much exercise. When you do, then the brain responds by reconfiguring neural pathways, opening up more opportunities to store information (memory), problem solve, and handle stresses that are found in everyday life.

When you enhance the use of your brain, you can live a fuller life

People often complain that stress and anxiety hold them down, keep them from living up to their potential. While this may be the case, these same individuals feel that there’s nothing they can do about their situation, that they are stuck in their predicament and the only option is to either remove themselves from it or seek out medication to help them cope.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, when people feel overwhelmed or they are not living up to expectations or their own hopes, the solution rests within them, and when you enhance the use of your brain, you take charge and give your future a new hope.

It’s not fluff

It can sound like a great deal of mumbo jumbo, but the brain has the power to make many different types of adjustments, depending on the situation at hand. If you are feeling depressed, then the brain is likely producing too much dopamine. The quick solution might be to medicate and neutralize this chemical, but there is a reason why the brain is producing that excess of dopamine.

Over time, if the issue is not resolved, then the brain will alter once again and another emotion, either a deeper depression or anxiety, for example, will be felt. When you fail to enhance the use of your brain, then you will have greater difficulty in overcoming or even dealing with life’s daily, and oftentimes mundane, problems.

How do you enhance the use of your brain?

The question about how to enhance the use of your brain is an important one to discuss. While sitting around doing the crossword puzzle everyday gives your brain the exercise it needs, there are many other steps that you can take to help improve your emotional state, your ability to lead and be strong, and feel happy and healthy.

One such method is meditative. Meditation isn’t about sitting in a room chanting rambling noises. It’s about reaching deep within your thoughts and working through situations and issues that cause you stress. It’s about focusing on precursors to feelings you enjoy or would prefer no longer to have.

Professionals have helped millions of people work through this type of brain enhancement through exercise and therapy. Dr. Fleming is one of those individuals who would like to help you.

Dr. Fleming’s solution:

Dr. Fleming has long been working on studying how the brain works and through his efforts, has unlocked a number of incredible keys to overcoming any number of challenges. His customized one-on-one approach has helped thousands of clients from around the world improve their lives, overcome addictions, and become better people.

Dr. Fleming’s vast experience also includes:

  • PhD trained with experience in not only addiction and clinical arenas but also corporate and executive development arenas.
  • All one-on-one intensive arrangements customized and feature brain-retraining interventions and in depth, comprehensive assessment technologies.
  • Come to the client and work “in their world” real time (no in patient stay overs that make a professional lose touch w/their busy life and work commitments).
  • Versed in neuroscience and brain-based solutions that break the barriers around effectively changing a human being’s patterns of choices/behaviors.
  • Coached hundreds of executives and professionals on 5 continents
  • Over 95 percent “highly satisfied w/outcomes.”
  • Been featured expert in The New York Times and Christian Science Monitor, and in featured interviews alongside gurus such as Marshall Goldsmith.
  • A former shrink who knows under the radar barriers of human nature but doesn’t act like a shrink—a down to earth change agent who speaks it like it is.
  • Former Hollywood high end clients come from his work as a recording artist as well as private coach for “derailed notables.”
  • Former big name clients have trusted him: from a former White House Cabinet member to NFL athletes to professional musicians to Fortune 500 C-levels.