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Opioid Addiction Treatment in Texas

By 25 April 2015September 16th, 2021No Comments

People who become addicted to pain medication usually aren’t escaping some reality, but at some point they need serious opioid addiction treatment in Texas. Texans are a hearty bunch with a barrel full of pride and dignity, yet medications don’t discriminate based on a person’s pride. Opioid addiction treatment in Texas is important because the challenges the individual faces during this difficult time in his or her life.

The pain is unbearable

Often, when a person is enduring pain, doctors will prescribe medication to hide the pain. This is often the only way these people can function. As time rolls on, however, that individual can find themselves addicted to the pain medication, which is, in itself, a new form of pain.

If you have ever suffered from pain, whether in the limbs or the torso or even migraines that affect the head, then you know how tough it can be to endure an entire day of feeling that kind of pain. Pain medication is one of the most effective ways that people find to overcome the pain, if only for a while, and ultimately be able to carry on the activities of their daily lives. These individuals who end up addicted to pain medications don’t seek to become addicted. It builds over time.

One, then two, then more

At first, it is simply the idea of hiding from the pain, or suppressing it long enough to get on with whatever you have to do that particular day. Then, of course, it is the process of feeling better and the mind relating that feeling with the medication. Even when the pain in the afflicted part of the body is gone, the mind will crave the medication.

Of course, when the pain is fresh, one pill may be all that is needed to help alleviate it at first. As time moves on and the body begins to build a tolerance to the medication, then the effects of that one pill will be shortened. With enough time, one single pill that used to mask the pain for several hours, for example, won’t work for even a few minutes.

The person may be directed to take two pills instead. Eventually the two become three and then more. It is a destructive cycle that a person generally doesn’t seek out willingly, but rather stumbles backwards into given enough time.

Any addiction can find its victims by surprise. From one casual drink per night that leads to two and before they know, an alcoholic is consuming copious amounts of alcohol just to maintain the same buzz that they first found with the drink. The same holds for opioids and while most of these are prescribed by doctors and physicians, in this day and age it is far too easy to acquire prescriptions for them.

When someone is addicted to opioids, it’s important to treat them in the same manner that you would someone who is addicted to illicit drugs or alcohol. They aren’t any different and the treatment should be of a similar approach.

Opioid addiction treatment in Texas can help

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or someone you know, opioid addiction treatment in Texas is one of the best options. There are times when people can no longer hide their addiction, or it affects every aspect of their life, from work to family and even their die-hard friends. Opioid addiction treatment in Texas becomes their only hope of salvation and overcoming this incredibly painful situation.

Yet many centers for opioid addiction treatment in Texas follow the same, one-size-fits-all philosophy and fail to help the people who need it most. If you or a loved one is in need of opioid addiction treatment in Texas, then take note: group settings can leave people out of the healing process.

It certainly isn’t deliberate, but sometimes for opioid addiction treatment in Texas, it’s a cost factor. One-on-one opioid addiction treatment in Texas can be more expensive, but consider the alternative. If an individual has to endure two or three treatment centers and continues to be addicted to these opioids, then their life is moving on without them still.

Dr. Fleming advocates for a personalized approach. You are not the same as anyone else and as such, you deserve the best.

Dr. Fleming’s solution:

Dr. Fleming has long been working on studying drug addiction and how the brain works when subject to drug addiction and, through his efforts, he has unlocked a number of incredible keys to overcoming any number of challenges. His customized one-on-one approach has helped thousands of clients from around the world improve their lives, overcome addictions, and become better people.

Dr. Fleming’s vast experience includes:

  • PhD trained with experience in not only addiction and clinical arenas but also corporate and executive development arenas.
  • All one-on-one intensive arrangements customized and feature brain-retraining interventions and in depth, comprehensive assessment technologies.
  • Come to the client and work “in their world” real time (no in patient stay overs that make a professional lose touch w/their busy life and work commitments).
  • Versed in neuroscience and brain-based solutions that break the barriers around effectively changing a human being’s patterns of choices/behaviors.
  • Coached hundreds of executives and professionals on 5 continents
  • Over 95 percent “highly satisfied w/outcomes.”
  • Been featured expert in The New York Times and Christian Science Monitor, and in featured interviews alongside gurus such as Marshall Goldsmith.
  • A former shrink who knows under the radar barriers of human nature but doesn’t act like a shrink—a down to earth change agent who speaks it like it is.
  • Former Hollywood high end clients come from his work as a recording artist as well as private coach for “derailed notables.”
  • Former big name clients have trusted him: from a former White House Cabinet member to NFL athletes to professional musicians to Fortune 500 C-levels.