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When It is Time for Addiction Treatment in Thailand

By 5 April 2015September 16th, 2021No Comments

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, when it’s time, addiction treatment in Thailand is possible. There are millions of people from around the world who live in Thailand, many Americans, British, and every other nationality, all dealing with their own unique lives. Addiction treatment in Thailand can often be considered much different than that in the United States, but it doesn’t have to be.

Addiction treatment in Thailand can work for you

There’s no reason to think that addiction treatment in Thailand won’t work. Regardless of a person’s nationality, ethnic background, or sex, addiction doesn’t discriminate. It is just as likely to deal with the effects of addiction in Thailand as any other location. That’s why addiction treatment in Thailand should be considered.

Many people work oversees, for months and even years at a time. The loneliness can lead to an attempt to escape, if only for a little while. Addiction treatment in Thailand exists for these people. But not all options for addiction treatment in Thailand are the same.

Addiction is the same, no matter what language it’s in

While many Americans and Westerners may think of addiction being a strictly Western problem, the truth is that many people from all over the world, from all walks of life, and all kinds of cultures have had to deal with the harmful effects of addiction. It doesn’t matter where a person is from when they are facing down the barrel of a loaded addiction, whether it’s to alcohol or an illicit drug or even prescription medication.

All you need to do is turn on the television news programs and within a few hours, you’re bound to hear another story of addiction, usually about some celebrity or sports hero or even a politician. Addiction doesn’t understand borders or national boundaries and as such there are treatment centers for addiction just about everywhere you turn, everywhere you look.

Not all treatment for addictions is the same

While nearly every nation on the planet has some form of addiction treatment centers, they are not all created equally. Far too many treat the individual as though the disease is something that they can control, or that it’s a filthy thing to be treated with disgust and ridicule. There will always be success stories from these places, of course, but how reliable are these success stories and how many people who have gone through these treatment programs would consider their treatment a success?

There is no universally recognized way to accurately track the success, or lack thereof, of any treatment centers around the world. You are basically relying on testimonials and self promotion. Do you want you or your loved one to be subjected to what essentially boils down to chance when it comes to addiction treatment?

Of course not. You want the best and it doesn’t matter where the best is located. It could be located in Brazil or Antarctica for all that matters, but what’s important is that the people who run the treatments know what they are doing and have a track record of success that is more than a few celebrities long.

When a person is suffering from addiction, they often feel very alone and as a result, they can feel as though no one truly understands them or what they are going through. When a person who is feeling this way is facing the prospect of overcoming their addiction, they often may be tempted to make a poor decision about where to seek their treatment, especially when they are in a foreign country. Addiction treatment in Thailand doesn’t have to be relegated to anything less than scientifically proven strategies; strategies that Dr. Fleming has developed and proven to be successful time and time again.

Group addiction treatment in Thailand

Group addiction treatment in Thailand is common, as it is everywhere else in the world. The idea that everyone can follow the same playbook to recovery is absurd. Dr. Fleming doesn’t believe that the group setting is the best solution. His experience has taught him that the individual, and his or her experiences, matter in overcoming addiction.

That’s why he has made himself available to you and addiction treatment in Thailand.

Dr. Fleming’s solution:

Dr. Fleming has long been working on studying drug addiction and how the brain works when subject to drug addiction and, through his efforts, he has unlocked a number of incredible keys to overcoming any number of challenges. His customized one-on-one approach has helped thousands of clients from around the world improve their lives, overcome addictions, and become better people.

Dr. Fleming’s vast experience includes:

  • PhD trained with experience in not only addiction and clinical arenas but also corporate and executive development arenas.
  • All one-on-one intensive arrangements customized and feature brain-retraining interventions and in depth, comprehensive assessment technologies.
  • Come to the client and work “in their world” real time (no in patient stay overs that make a professional lose touch w/their busy life and work commitments).
  • Versed in neuroscience and brain-based solutions that break the barriers around effectively changing a human being’s patterns of choices/behaviors.
  • Coached hundreds of executives and professionals on 5 continents
  • Over 95 percent “highly satisfied w/outcomes.”
  • Been featured expert in The New York Times and Christian Science Monitor, and in featured interviews alongside gurus such as Marshall Goldsmith.
  • A former shrink who knows under the radar barriers of human nature but doesn’t act like a shrink—a down to earth change agent who speaks it like it is.
  • Former Hollywood high end clients come from his work as a recording artist as well as private coach for “derailed notables.”
  • Former big name clients have trusted him: from a former White House Cabinet member to NFL athletes to professional musicians to Fortune 500 C-levels.